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FUSION ​composite decking is an innovative outdoor decking solution that is designed & engineered to withstand the effects of weathering for years. With our unique blend of wood fibres and Grade A recycled plastic, FUSION decking offers a long life against the effects of weathering and general wear. The aesthetic merits of traditional timber are clear, however we believe that FUSION's innovative, high-performing alternative benefits you and your wallet, by saving you time and money in ongoing maintenance. FUSION composite decking offers an elegant blend of material's and a unique and stylish finish that will guarantee authenticity and superior performance in equal measure.

FUSION Composite

FUSION composite decking is a hi-tech & eco-friendly alternative to your traditional wooden decking. We are confident that FUSION offers the perfect mix of durability and woodgrain effect.

The Collection - Boards

With 3 elegant woodgrain colours (Anthricite, Grey & Walnut), FUSION is the most realistic composite decking board available.

Dimensions: 3600 x 145 x 22 mm

Dimensions: 3600 x 145 x 22 mm

Dimensions: 3600 x 145 x 22 mm


Why FUSION Composite Decking Boards?
For more than 15 years, and through continuous development, we have strived to define the perfect timber-alternative decking. Our high-performance composite decking combining fade-resistant beauty with outstanding durability and virtually zero ​maintenance. Whether you’re planning a sunny deck in your back garden or a rooftop retreat, our composite decking makes it simple to create the kind of outdoor living space that family and friends can enjoy for years.

Natural Woodgrain Finish with Rich Colour
With our unmatched woodgrain texture and finish, you will find it hard to believe it’s not solid wood. All our composite decking boards carry their rich colours all the way through the whole board, unlike many others. No unsightly edges boards are cut or drilled, just solid colour.

Environment & Recycling
From innovative materials to our eco-friendly manufacturing, we take great pride in delivering sustainable products with a minimal environmental footprint. Our decking boards are made from 95% recycled materials. Eco-Friendly, our wood is FSC® 100% certified timber.

Fade, Stain, Scratch & Mould Resistant
UV and Anti-Mould inhibitors ensure your deck looks great for years. Our hardwearing surface and colour-through boards ensure ​scratches are kept to a ​minimum.

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