Exa-TECH is a ventilated facade system that comes with high-tech extruded porcelain ceramic panelling that is compatible with most profiling and anchoring systems currently on the market.

This construction method has burst onto the scene to provide projects with a state-of-the-art architectural solution, giving the project the best performance against the elements and offering a fast, economical and environmentally friendly installation solution with a wide variety of exterior cladding for ventilated façades.

Class A1 Fire-Rated

The ​Exa-TECH system has ​Fire Classifications of A1FL-S1. Resistant to fire and other temperature changes, like frost and ice.

What is a ventilated facade

A ventilated facade is an enclosure construction solution with a ventilated cavity between the exterior wall tiling panels and the support or interior partition walls.

The ventilated cavity allows the exit and entry of air through its openings (bottom and top) as well as between the panel open joints.

The origin of ventilated facade systems arises from the need to protect structures from snow and rain.

It’s a double-layer system formed by two enclosure leaves with a separation between to create a cavity allowing the circulation of an air flow that eliminates any type of humidity.

Why use the exa | TECH | FVH system?

The exa-TECH FVH ventilated facade system is a set of elements that form a self-supporting substructure that is solidly attached to the support where it is installed. The slotted exa-TECH FVH panels are used to cover facades using this system.

FVH Ventilated Facade Installation

The substructure for the system is fast and easy to install, ensuring pefecting tile spacing every time.

Characteristics of ventilated facades

EXA-TECH FVH ventilated facade system video.

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