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Frequently asked questions

We want to answer all your questions clearly. We want to ensure that you have all the ​guidance and advice you need to make the very best choice of products for your project.  

General Questions

What is the difference between A1 and A2 Fire Rating?

Both A1 and A2 Rated products fall into the ‘non-combustible’ category and can be specified in high rise buildings. There are however slight differences between A1 and A2. 

A1 Rated materials cannot contribute to a fire at all, including a fully developed fire. 

A2 Rated materials, on the other hand, may produce no contribution to fire but such materials do have potential to produce some smoke or flaming droplets. For example, paint or finishes on the core material may create smoke or droplets in extreme heat or naked flames. This is then followed by an additional classification for smoke and droplets. 

When comparing A1 and A2 Rated materials, the key difference is the production of smoke and must be considered at the design stage of your project.

Both A1 and A2 materials are classified as non-combustible – and as such can be specified for external and specified attachments like balconies.

Along with A1 and A2 you will see other classes of products:

Combustability - A2FL means non-combustable (FL signifies a specific floor test).

Smoke Emission - S1 (S1 is Best - S3 is Worst).

Class A Fire-Rated Materials?

Architects, designers and specifiers designing & working on a ‘specified attachment’ such as a balcony, walkway, terrace, roof etc, it’s very important to understand which different materials are Class A Fire-Rated.

The following materials/products from Phoenix all fall into the A-rated category:

XDECK (Porcelian)

CDECK (Fibre Cement)

Adek (Aluminium)

Wallbarn Substructures

Are Class A materials always required for all “Specified Attachments”?

The basic answer is Yes. Class A materials must be used in "specified attachedments". 

Defined in BS 8579:2020 and the ‘Guide To The Design of Balconies and Terraces’, the ban on combustible materials refers to a ‘specified attachment’ on a building. 

Balconies are attached to an external wall of a building, so they fall into the category, meaning you must ensure it is constructed and finished in Class A building materials. 

This means that regardless of structure height, when you are working on these "specified attachments", Class A Rated materials must be used. 

What are slip resistance standards?

Flooring and decking products in the UK are tested using BS7976-2:2002 standard and Pendulum tester.

More information can be found on the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) website here: Assessing the Slip Resistance of Flooring                                


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